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Farm Bill 2023 Priorities in-person in DC in August

Connie Spence
January 2, 2023

Agriculture Fairness Alliance is proud to have been able to kick-off our Farm Bill 2023 Priorities in-person in DC in August!

It was an eye-opening trip and was so impactful to be able to represent Vegans for this Farm Bill Season.

We feel that having our Board Members join our Lobbyists in-person gives us an undeniable presence and so we will be heading back in late October and again early 2023.

Some of our early priorities are listed below.

1. Local Food Supply & Plant Based Hubs

Reconnect local plant-based farmers to local consumers by increasing subsidies, funding and/or programs for domestic plant-based crops specifically for human consumption.  Increase access for all Americans to nutritional food crops including fiber-rich foods, grains & fungi by expanding funding programs available for plant based farmers.

2. Farmer Mobility & Choice

Give ranchers & farmers better options by helping them transition to plant based farming in response to: mitigating livestock disease, avert climate impacts and to create a local, healthy food supply.

Prioritize programs from small & medium sized farmers providing them direct assistance that is more economically sound for their livelihoods & will reduce their dependency on government funding.

3. Nutrients of Public Health Concern

Increase nutrient dense plant based food access for SNAP programs as well as for all Americans affected by inflation to access the following under-consumed nutrients listed as a public health concern in the dietary guidelines for Americans 2020-2025:  Calcium, Vitamin D, Potassium, Fiber and Iron.

4. From Plate to Planet Soil Regeneration with Plants

Soil regeneration with plants to truly create sustainable food production, we must expand funding for research programs that look at the cost, speed and resources needed to regenerate soil with certain plant types & plant based processes. This will prove a predicted increased sustainability score through plants.

5. Plant Based Growers Safety Nets

Ensure plant growers get a fair share of programs that utilize the CCC & other monies when there are bailouts like for: Tariffs, Coronavirus, Inflation, etc.

6. Racial Equity to BIPOC Consumers & Farmers

Ensure that all programs that seem to unfairly deny or leave out BIPOC consumers or farmers are reviewed to understand what the cause of limited access is.  We need to make sure that all programs provide ideas to ensure equal access whether it be Tech Tools or local consultants.

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