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Lobbying Incubator Project

Interested in becoming a vegan lobbyist? You’re in the right place! Join us and let’s change the DC paradigm together!

After lobbying with our lobbyists, we are now ready to fill DC up with Vegan Lobbyists.

Let’s change the paradigm in DC where it is ONLY corporate lobbyists and incubate vegans to become federal lobbyists.

We originally started off by quarterbacking lobbyists who live in DC and now it is abundantly clear that WE are capable and need to be in DC too.

And that we are going to be lobbyists along-side our lobbyists.

And what is next is for us to take the learnings we have and incubate more vegans to become lobbyists.

Our best shot at change is to be in DC and live and breathe the political space.

Have you ever wanted to learn about policy or get involved?

Have you ever wanted to ride along and see if you have what it takes?

Donate today so that we can set the stage in DC to bring vegans on board, to train them to be lobbyists and be here changing policy!!