Farm Bill & Food Policy Collaborations

Join the most diversified and powerful coalition team set out to combine power to make effective change in the coming Farm Bill.

We are a Grassroots Federal Lobbying Group who advocates for fairness in Agriculture and we aim to drive policy change through our relationships for this coming Farm Bill.

You are perfect for our coalition if you are:

• Large plant based growers advocacy group

• Small Farmer non-profits & advocacy group

• Accessibility Group

• Environmental Group

• Urban Farming Group

Some of the broad themes that we are looking forward to changing:

• Giving Small Plant Based Farmers more subsidies

• Farmers who are looking for options to transition

• Environmental Justice

• Mitigating livestock diseases next to low income communities (ex: Bird Flu)

• Diet inclusivity (Plant based foods)

• Plant Based Accessibility & nutrition both local and federal

• Fruit & Veggie subsidy and safety net increases

• Sustainable Farming – Veganic Farming, Vertical Farming, urban farming

• Encouraging Local Food Systems/Hubs

It’s important that we form a powerful collaboration team on policy changes and support each other in doing so.

If you are interested in participating with us, our lobbyists and other plant based lobbying groups, non profit accessibility groups, fruit and veggie growers, food justice groups and more, contact us to join.